Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ARITITA: The story continues

The first installment of her story first appeared on the Wheel on April 20, 2011.

An update for you and the Adventist Wheel. There is more to come—as the details unfold. Aratita is presently in Los Angeles, and we are waiting on the presentations from the Docs as what is next.

Let me, Roger Lutz, introduce you to Aratita Taramarawa. I first met her in 2009 when she was 5. She was born in Rabi, a remote Island in the North of the Fiji Group. When I met her I felt like Elisha in 2 Kings 8:11-12 who was looking into the future and weeping over what he saw. I knew the projected future for this small girl. The pain caused by the curve in her spine would increase with astounding speed as she grew and matured. The alternative—a surgery consisting of rods and screws to line her spine from top to bottom, surgery that requires months and months of rehabilitation, a surgery full of pain, yet filled with hope of a straightened spine that will allow her to live a pain free normal life.

Presentations were made on behalf of Aritita to various medical facilities and doctors—all to no avail. Yet I know we have a great God—nothing is too hard for Him Gen 18:14, Luke 1:37; Jer 32:17. Then while in Vietnam while working with Project Vietnam I met a very special and caring pediatrician “Dr Steve Feig”. I showed Steve Aratita’s med file and pictures. Steve contacted the Orthopedic Hospital in Los Angeles, and I was able to connect Patricia Torres, the Medical Coordinator. A letter of invitation was presented to Aritita, passports and visas were obtained for Aratita and her mother, and necessary documentation was secured for the two of them to enter the United States!

Travel arrangements were made, dates set, sponsors located, and travel plans acted upon. The outcome—Aratita and her mother are in the USA staying with a very special Fijian family in Riverside, California, with an appointment to see the orthopedic docs on October 12.

I cannot adequately relate the thrill it was for me personally to escort Aratita and her mother from Fiji to Los Angeles! My mind was overwhelmed with thankfulness for a Great God full of compassion and care. As I looked at the two of them, my mind visualized a caring God with outstretched hands holding guard duty as we passed through each checkpoint in ticketing, security, passports, air travel, and the entry process into the United States.

This is not the end of the story. The next chapter will be every bit as intriguing, even if painful. The Supreme Physician has entrusted His medical miracle to the staff at the Los Angeles Orthopedic Hospital. Remember them in your prayers and stay tuned!

Roger Lutz


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