Message for Non-Adventists

If you are curious about Adventists in general, this blog may not be for you. It is currently an online magazine that includes general interest articles and YouTube videos. Our religious contributors usually express themselves without reference to traditional Adventist theology. However, if you have an Adventist friend, you might be interested to know that if you scratch the skin, he or she might be more Christian than “Adventist”. So, if you decide to check out the progressive, left-leaning, fringe of Christian Adventism, this blog is your opportunity.

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  1. As a "non-adventist" (actually, an "ex-adventist"), I am wondering what beliefs and practices characterize the "left-leaning" fringe. I ended my relationship with the church more than 40 years ago, and I imagine that a progressive/liberal branch mostly developed after I left. My departure was largely a result of discovering how deeply the church was in denial of the abundant evidence that contradicts the YEC story/dogma.