I’m Andy Hanson. Reinventing the Adventist Wheel is one of the earliest blogs for and about Adventist Internet explorers. I was asked to take over the management of the blog in February, 2011. I am a liberal Adventist, but I’m not unfriendly. If you have a burning desire to share your ideas, reactions, reviews, biographies, short stories, photographs, or anything else that “floats your boat” with a new Adventist audience, and are uncomfortable posting on other Internet sites, email me. I’d be delighted to provide editorial or graphic assistance.

I don't have an advisory group or an editorial board, although friends give me advice from time to time. I am an Emeritus Professor of Education at Cal State University, Chico, and a member of an Adventist congregation and Grace Connection (linked in this blog). I am a 1963 PUC grad with an MA in Education from Cal State Northridge and an EdD from the University of Southern California.


  1. Andy, we were at PUC together. After going away to teach for a year and going in the army for a couple of years, I finished my undergraduate work in psychology at University of the Pacific. Then I did a masters and PhD at UC Davis in biological psychology. I did a postdoc at U of Washington, then taught at Humboldt State for awhile. I left academia in 1982 and served as a zoo curator, science editor at National Geographic, and rounded out my career working for an NIH research contractor. I've been retired and consulting for about ten years. My only academic connection now is as a research professor of anthropology at George Washington University in D.C.

  2. Joe,
    Thanks for connecting. Look forward to your comments. I would particularly like to invite you to be a Contributing Blogger. NG is my favorite magazine! Wow, what an amazing life!

  3. Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the note. I just sent you a much longer version of the above. I guess I forgot that I had sent this. I'd be honored to become a contributing blogger. How do I do that?