Wednesday, April 20, 2011


by Roger Lutz

Rabi…a remote Island in the North of the Fiji Group.
It was in 2009 and she was about 5 when I first saw her! She was---and still is truly a beauty, yet the concern was for the twist in her spine.

Aritita took it all in stride, no complaints, no frowns. I watched in amazement has she demonstrated how she could run faster than the wind. She was and still is in the care of her grandmother, a good caring woman, with kind eyes and safe secure motherly presentation. As I watched the interaction between the two, I could not help but envy the relationship, and wish this environment were a reality for those kids that have all the goodies in the world, yet they do not have a mentor like this kind woman!

My concern peaked, and I sent a silent plea to Jesus to make it possible to obtain a management survey of Aritita’s situation. As my overwhelmed emotions calmed down, I claimed the following promises for help and healing. (Ps 107:20; Ps 103:3; Ps 43:3; Ps 30:2; Jer 30:17)

Now for the action part. Arrangements were made for transport from the remote island to a medical facility to get x-rays and a physical exam. A referral from a visiting doctor arrived mentioning the possibility of medical help. In a few months a visiting medical team would be in the area. Immediately arrangements were made, dates set, sponsors located, and travel plans acted on. The outcome was not pretty! The exam indicated that pulmonary functions would be compromised as Aritita grew! We were told to come back the following year.

Other presentations have been made on behalf of Aritita to various medical facilities and doctors to no avail. Yet I know that there is nothing too hard for our God. (Gen 18:14, Luke 1:37; Jer 32:17) As I pray for her, I keep in mind the Promise of Matt 18:19.

Most of the Medical facilities do not want to take on her case. They fear a less than successful outcome. I have no answers, only compassion for a beautiful little girl. I have learned that we are all beautiful in the site of Jesus, and I know that God has a plan for her. (Ps 147:3)

As I look into the projected future for this beautiful young lady, I’m reminded that Elisha wept as he looked into the Israel’s future. (2 Kings 8:11-12).

That curve in Aritita’s spine will cause lots of pain over the next few years. That never-ending pain will increase with astonishing speed as she matures. The alternative is a surgery that requires months of rehabilitation in which rods and screws are used to line her spine from top to bottom. This is currently a tenuous hope, but a successful surgical outcome would allow her to live pain free. At present, there is not much to sustain her spirit or mine. Yet in my grief, I know there is a God that has it all under control.

PS—I just saw Aritita a few weeks ago. She is still smiling, and I just submitted her medical information to another doc! Pray for her and the medical team that can make a difference.


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