Friday, February 04, 2011

New Blog Moderator

Please join me in welcoming Andrew Hanson as our new blog moderator.  Andy is Professor Emeritus California State University, Chico and a great advocate for the growth of Adventism.

I will continue to be involved as an occasional writer and commenter - both here, on the Facebook Page, and Twitter.  Andy is building a team of writers and geeks, to help The Wheel continue conversation started here several years ago by Marcel Schwantes.

Your participation is essential to continuing the conversation of helping the Church move into the 21st century, fully equipped to bring the Kingdom of God into the lives of those who are looking for Him - and a more abundant life.  It is through active discussion, non-antagonistic debate, fresh ideas, and different perspectives that we can build relationships and solidify community.  Community, true, heart-felt community, is how we best reflect the love of God.

Thank you for your support over the couple of years.  You can continue to find me on my personal blog (, Facebook page, and Twitter.  It has been a pleasure serving you!

 Posted by Gary Walter