Sunday, April 01, 2007

An Inspiration!

These impressive oils paintings were done by a very young girl, Akiane Kramarik, who was raised an Atheist and was never taught to believe in God.

The girl's talent, especially with light and shadow, is awesome. But what impresses me as much is her determination to stay with a project until it is finished!

The love in her eyes when she speaks of God is downright inspirational.

It will never cease to amaze me, the many ways in which God speaks. What a gift and a blessing!

Sometimes I just have to shake my head as I ponder the wonders of our Lord.
Watch this amazing short video that was on CNN...


  1. Fantastic! She also speaks with such eloquence and poise. Can it get any clearer what her spiritual gifts are?

  2. I think this little story goes to show how powerful the Spirit of God really is! Too often as Adventists, we take an awful lot of responsibility upon ourselves to be the ones to "share the truth."

    Pharisees once tried to silence the praise of adoring children and Jesus told them, "If these children cease to praise me, the very rocks will cry out!" A donkey even spoke truth. Any person who has studied can spout off religious facts, but to know God, to truly feel with the heart and know Who He Is... this is nothing short of a gift.

    Somehow, a little girl raised as an Atheist has beheld the splendor of God. It takes my breath away and brings tears to my eyes.