Monday, March 26, 2007

The Calling...

There is a calling going out around the world. It is one that burns so strongly in my heart, but I am not the only one receiving the invitation. The Spirit whispers, "Come all you who are weary and heavily burdened and enter My rest." God wants to know us and be known. Abba, Allah, Yahweh, Jehovah wants an intimate connection with those who claim to be His own and with those who do not yet realize they are His children.

I sit in pews all across the country, as I sing/speak at rallies and witness evangelistic efforts. I have learned much about religion and how it operates. All religions have a mold you are expected to fit- from the Evangelical to the Muslim. However, our hearts and cultures are all very different. We are creatures of intelligence, imagination and creativity. Every son & daughter of God has their own unique response to Divinity. I believe God likes it this way. God invites, He does not force. It is PEOPLE who try to pressure each other to be a certain way. So we point out faults and hammer one another with our belief systems- each wanting to feel more highly esteemed in the eyes of Heaven. All the while, God is love and His Spirit is tugging at our heartstrings... "Come to Me, child. Do not fear. Come."

To understand the great love of God is to open our hearts to all. To feel the sorrow of others and to celebrate their joys. How can we gloat when another suffers or falls into darkness? What joy is there in discussing the weaknesses we see? Divine love creates in us a reverence for the Almighty and for all people. To realize how greatly we- the undeserving, are loved is humbling. Forgiveness pours forth as a spring toward those who sin against us, because the love of God is security- we can freely admit that we are also sinners.

Somehow, for all my clumsy effort at being a good person, I have tapped this vein of amazing love. It is overwhelming and brings tears to my eyes. I could never go back to empty formalism. I must live authentically.

The call of God is great. The love of God is grand and merciful. The cause of God is kindness.


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