Saturday, August 11, 2012

Book Review: An A-Z of Critical Thinking

There is an urgent need for Christians to learn how to think carefully and critically. Too many are taken in by the latest fad or the oldest misinformation. If it is true that Christians are to love God with all their mind, theN learning to think well should be a top priority.

Beth Black and her co-author's have put together a very helpful dictionary of critical thinking that explains ideas clearly, accurately and with useful examples. They deal with controversial issues fairly (the definition of critical thinking being one of them!).

An A-Z of Critical Thinking will be helpful for lay people, teachers, students, and anyone else interested in critical thinking. Because it is a dictionary and valuable for dipping in to, those who have not read anything else about critical thinking would do well to get hold of a book that introduces critical thinking in a more structured approach. But Black's easy-to-read resource is a welcome reference to have on the bookshelf.

Book details: Beth Black et al. 2012. An A-Z of Critical Thinking. Continuum.



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