Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Introducing Julius

Hi Andy,
I’m happy you received my email containing my profile and photos. I will be happy the see the profile in reinventing Adventist wheel. I had to dropped out of school in 1992,because my father could not pay my school tuition, this is after long drought hit the country and claimed lives of our livestock’s, which we basically depends for sources of food and income. My father (deceased) has three wives and my mother is the second both still alive. He used to keep cattle, sheep and goats. Whenever the needs raise he sold one and meet the needs.

When the drought hit the country in 1992, most of our livestock dead because of lack of water and pastures. I and some my brother had to drop out school. After drought relatives and friends gave him few cows, now every wife has art least several cows. In supplement to few cows, sheep, goat, we also plant some crops, e.g. bananas, maize, beans, green vegetables. All this depends on rainwater, meaning if the rain stop, no harvests, hunger bit! Adequate rainfall means bounty harvest, people become joyful.

God have blessed us with fertile land but capital to invest in farming for more produce is a day dream to many in our village- especially during these times of global economic hardship. The prices of farms input have double. With such small income I shares between family and ministry needs.

Last year we started a school project in our local church, aim to help Maasai children get education, illiteracy is very high in our community. In 1993, I donated small land to our local church, which I pioneered. We first you used the church building to help children learned to write and read, after realizing many people are poor and not able to sends their children to better schools in town, about 16 km from here. The school now have 80 kids, age 5-10, most of them are either orphans or from poor families. Three teachers are voluntarily helping them .The school is independently from state. Our church-especially women ministry helps children with writing materials, when their resources permit, as their services to community.

This community out reach is progressing well despite financial difficulties, to meets various arising needs. We welcome any help from well wishers, can be in form of learning materials, writings, playing, visiting and volunteer to teach, support our teachers, help build classrooms, office, restrooms, help buy water tank to harvest rain water, buy uniform to kids, be speaker in our church’s meetings etc. We have mission opportunity to everyone, no matter denominational affiliation. We emphasis mostly God’s love and through that we can see everybody as a part God’s family. Our church door is always open to all, who come and worship with us and fellowship. Have a good day.



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