Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Mighty Seed

A brilliant essay by Marguerite Shuster

Times, we have been told, change. And they do, even quite radically. In particular, times for the church in the United States and western Europe have not only changed, they’ve changed in ways that don’t look so good for us. For one thing, as we are constantly told, we are failing to reach our young people.

More, a whole culture once thought of as Judeo-Christian is moving from indifference to Christianity to hostility toward it (and not a minute too soon, the New Atheists would tell us).

Today, the dismal science of statistics says more Americans profess “no religion” than do all those who profess Episcopalianism, Methodism, and Lutheranism combined. How do we Christians confront these changes, changes that seem clearly beyond our control?


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