Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Mother, the Doctor

This story is an introduction to the life and times of my uncle, Emanuel J. Sorenson, a missionary in pre and post-WWII Ethiopia and Jamaica. Once a week my cousin, Jane Spear, will provide a glimpse of what missionary life was like for his family.

“Shirley and Jane are very puny.” My parents often heard this remark when we arrived in America. I was too young to remember the scrutiny given to us by our hundreds of relatives. By this time, Shirley’s head was covered with soft blond hair, after being shaved by my mother. During the time we were traveling, if any comment were made about her hair, she would respond with a beautific smile.

We did enjoy fresh milk, but viewed ice cream with suspicion. Grandma Hanson was constantly presenting us with wonderful sugar cookies. She loved us, even if we were puny.

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