Monday, April 04, 2011

Auntie Alex

This address will take you to an introduction to the life and times of my uncle, Emanuel J. Sorenson, a missionary in Ethiopia and Jamaica. Once a week, for the next 20 weeks, there will be story that provides a glimpse of what missionary life was like for his family, as related by my cousin, Jane Spear.

The social life in Addis Abeba reached a new zenith with the arrival of Auntie Alex. It was 1925 and many refugees were coming from Europe and Asia to find a new life in this strange exotic land. Alexandra Dabbert, with her engineer husband, had come by way of Germany with Alexandra’s parents, the former General and Mrs. Drovdosky. Alexandra’s father had been General in Czar Nicolas’ army, and was in Switzerland on maneuvers when the Bolsheviks executed the Czar and his family. Without hesitation, her mother collected whatever jewels they could carry and walked across the border with Alexandra and Peter. The parents would never see Russia again. Peter later would perish in the German army he had been forced to join.

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