Monday, March 21, 2011

The Seed Growing of Itself, the Mustard, and the Leaven

by Sakae Kubo

This is a book first posted on Grace Connection, the Magazine. There is no printed edition. All 30 chapters will appear on the Wheel in the following weeks.


Chapter 2

Mark 4:30-32 (Mathew 13:31-31; Luke 13:18-19); Mathew 13:33 (Luke 13:20-21); Mark 4:26-29

Jesus went about his work in an unspectacular manner. When he healed the leper, Jesus told him to say nothing to anyone. After feeding the multitudes and people wanted to make him their king, he quietly disappeared. When people mocked him to come down from the cross, he patiently endured the suffering. The disciples, who were expecting a miracle-working Messiah who with supernatural power and miracles would deliver Israel from the bondage of Rome, questioned his claim to be the Messiah when they saw Jesus acting this way. Even after the resurrection, Jesus did not seem to be actively working to usher in his kingdom. In fact he seemed to be doing just the opposite.

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