Monday, December 24, 2007

Winters are Hard

(Modified from a cartoon by Richard Guindon from his book, "Together Again".)

A Fisherman's Prayer at Christmas
by Andy Hanson

Dear Lord,
Thank you for fishing
For the memories
For the moments of my life
That are so necessary
For my spiritual
And emotional survival
In a world of chaos
That seems
At every turn to be
A jungle out there

My prayer is
That every reader
Will make the time
To go fishing

The fishing I’m talking about
Doesn’t require a pole
Or hand line
Books or cooking work fine
Or skiing or golf
Yoga or bird watching
Gardening or teaching
Swimming or story telling
Riding or meditating
Praying or skipping rope
Or anything that resets the mind
That nourishes the soul
That makes it possible for us
Members of the Christian community
To be as Christ commanded
Spiritually whole
Fishers of human kind
In a worried world
Of disorder and confusion

1 comment:

  1. i really like this piece. the idea of a hobby or some enriching activity is God's form of play time for us. what good parent wouldn't want their children to enjoy some free time?