Sunday, June 17, 2007

The Future of Adventist Media?

What does the future of Adventist film and video look like? Well, right now admittedly, it looks like two slightly confused, freshly graduated film students wandering around the greater London area with befuddled grins. But give it a few months and we might prove to be worthy heirs to the Adventist media mantle. tedMEDIA is a three year experiment in creating media that not only encourages Christians to learn how to communicate with postmoderns, but plans to create media that touches those of us who are postmoderns--inside and out the church community. That oft-used word "relevance" skirts around the edges of this post, but I'll leave that mostly alone for now. I have a lot of hopes for where this can go, including producing short films, becoming a regular fixture at film festivals, and developing a popular web-presence. Big dreams I know, and the subject for another time and another post.

Below I'm including a short video the team created as a test over 48 hours. It's a video that's directed as a challenge to Christians. It's an experiment in concise story-telling and editing that feels just a bit edgy.


  1. I like it!
    It spoke to my own procrastination.

  2. This spoke to my own urban busyness, consumerism, ceasing from my works, and how it interferes with the vertical relationship. The subtlety of the words in the mirrors/monitor had me missing it like the character. I had to play it a couple times. Good work!

  3. It's definitely creative. But I have to tell you, "Scary Jesus." If he is trying to get a hold of me ala WhiteNoise, I don't know dude it would scare the socks off of me. I think I would prefer to not know he is using ghostly tactics.

    *Tongue placed firmly in cheek*


  4. I love how you have found the balance between finding edge and ministering.

    It seems like far too often Christians, Adventists in particular try to be edgy for edginess sake, is that a word?

    Keep up the good work and God bless.

    Also, who is Ted?